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Coco was left in our Miami Pet Hotel 6 months ago and needs a new home

I need a new home

Help us find a new home for Coco   Coco is a beautiful and loving dog that was left in our facility 6 months ago. She needs a new home, preferably one without other pets as she loves human attention all to herself. She is sweet and […]

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Take a look at our comfortable Miami Pet Hotel!

dogs having fun at our pet hotel in miami Read more

The Advantages of a Pet Hotel

The Advantages of a Pet Hotel If you need to go on a business trip or just want to travel for pleasure, you might be wondering whether you should bring your pet with you or leave him at home. Well, if either of these options make you […]

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Why Choose a Pet Hotel?

dog wanting to have a vacation too

Why Choose a Pet Hotel? Pet owners who live in Miami and decide to go on vacation with their families usually face this big problem: where do they leave their pets? While it may be nice to leave the responsibility up to a family member who lives […]

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Pet Boarding and Grooming in One!

Our Miami pet resort does not have cages, we have awesome individual rooms

Pet Boarding and Grooming in One!   If you are a pet owner in Miami in today’s day and age, then you are definitely in luck. After all, you have a slew of resources at your fingertips at the moment. In fact, you can put yourself completely […]

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The Importance of Professional Pet Grooming

miami grooming salon

The Importance of Professional Pet Grooming   Regardless of what pet you might have, grooming is practically a necessity. From Abyssinians to poodles, every pet needs professional grooming in order for them to stay healthy and happy at all times. Basic pet grooming begins with a basic […]

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How Pet Dental Care Can Prolong Your Pet’s Life

Dog after dental cleaning in miami

How Pet Dental Care Can Prolong Your Pet’s Life Believe it or not, pets are just as much at risk for dental problems as people are, if not more so. In fact, most dogs and cats show different signs of dental diseases by the time they reach […]

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Pet Hotel: Where Will Your Pet Be Staying?

Going away for a vacation? Your pet wants to go to one too. Leave him at Magic Grooming & Pet Resort and he will sure thank you!

Pet Hotel: Where Will Your Pet Be Staying? If you decide to travel, you might have to leave your pet behind in the process. While this might not be easy to do, you will have to make sure that your pet is in a comfortable and safe […]

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A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Find the Perfect Pet Hotel


If you plan on going vacation from Miami sometime soon, then it would be vital for you to think about your pets while planning everything out. Let’s face it: traveling with pets can be quite tricky, but leaving them behind can be worrisome, too. Here are some tips that can help put your mind at ease.

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4th of July!

pets from Aventura stay at our pet hotel

Check out some of the pictures we took at our Miami pet hotel for 4th of July. Our furry friends posing for the camera this week, celebrating 4th of July.

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