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(ADOPTED) Pepina (mother of Pepito)

both dogs were found on I95 in miami and are looking to be adopted

This is Pepina! She is the mother of Pepito (see Pepito’s pictures here). She was found with Pepito on I-95 and she is more or less 5 years old. She has already been spayed at the Humane Society and is a very sweet companion. Contact us through […]

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(ADOPTED) Pepito!

pepito 2

Pepito! This is Pepito! He is about a year old and is neutered. He is one of the sweetest dogs and loves to play. Pepito’s mom is up for adoption too! Check her out by clicking here. Contact us through our contact section or call our pet hotel […]

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(ADOPTED) Sean & Travis – two dog friends looking for a home

A terrier mix and a jack russell for adoption in miami

These two guys are on their way to me today. I will be fostering them until we find their forever home here in Miami. Sean is a Terrier mix & Travis is a Jack Russel. This bonded pair has been dealt a bad hand though we think they deserve a second chance so we scooped them up before they were headed to

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Why it’s Usually Best to Leave Your Pet at a Resort Rather than with a Friend


While you might be tempted to save some money and leave your pet with a friend or family member while you’re away, keep in mind that with informal pet-sitting arrangements like these, even the most trusted and well-meaning friends may not be as prepared to take care […]

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The Importance of Regular Grooming for Your Dog or Your Cat

Did you know that grooming your dog – or your cat, is about much more than making them look nice or keeping them clean? Grooming your pet is really about their overall health and well-being. A regular grooming helps make them feel better and even provides more […]

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5 Ways to Make Leaving Your Pet at a Pet Resort Less Stressful

Dog Playing at a pet resort play area in Miami

If you’re stressed about leaving your pet at a pet resort, it’s likely your pet will pick up on that anxiety and feel the same way. To reduce the angst and make the experience and overall positive and pleasant one, here are five ways to accomplish this […]

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The Importance of Choosing a Pet Resort that Offers Rooms Instead of Cages

If you feel that your pet is a member of the family, and we hope you do, you want to make sure that he receives a level of physical and emotional comfort that’s as close to what he gets at home as possible when you can’t be […]

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A Cat taking care of Puppies!

This month of February friendship and love filled the air at Magic Grooming and Pet Resort. Check out the video below in which a cat interacts with puppies. We can learn a lot from animals, love and friendship go beyond our race, appearance, or background. If Cats […]

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The Importance of Security Measures at a Pet Resort

Creating a safe, secure and comfortable environment for your pet is crucial to a positive experience for both the pet and the pet’s owner. It’s imperative that your pet is continuously monitored so that if an unlikely illness or other issue arises, the problem can then be […]

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The Importance of Toys and Play Areas for your Pet

“All work and no play make Jack a dull boy,” – that saying doesn’t just apply to humans, but to their pets as well! For their own health and happiness, pets need exercise and time to socialize. Playtime is a vital part of both a dog and […]

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