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5 Reasons Not to Skip Your Dog’s Dental Cleaning

Your dog’s dental health is an important part of his overall health, yet it’s also often overlooked which can lead to serious teeth and oral problems, in addition to poor general health. If you’re not convinced consider, these five reasons not to cut corners when it comes to your dog’s dental cleaning. At Magic Grooming and Pet Resort we offer quality dental cleaning for your pets.

Preventing disease

Proper dental care, including dental cleanings, can detect dental disease that affects not only the mouth, it can lead to serious problems including periodontal disease and tooth loss, while the bacteria that builds up can enter the bloodstream and cause lung, heart, liver and kidney problems.

Early detection

Regular dental cleanings will allow problems that may develop to be detected right away before they become a more serious issue that can cause pain, health problems – and expensive vet bills down the road.

Tartar removal

It only takes a few days for tartar to begin to build up and harden on the teeth – and it can only be removed by a professional. These deposits can lead to complications including gum disease, gingivitis and periodontal disease- and eventually dental abscesses and a loss of teeth.

Eliminating bad breath

The bacteria that can build up in your dog’s mouth leads to halitosis, or bad breath. A thorough cleaning of your dog’s teeth will eliminate bad breath and make him more pleasant to be around.

Improved appearance

Finally, a professional cleaning and polishing that removes the tartar deposits and plaque, also gives your dog a healthy, white smile!

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Check Out the following videos of our dental cleaning on dogs.

I just got my teeth cleaned at Magic Grooming and Pet Resort, the best pet resort here in Miami. Now I can smile wherever I go!
Look at me smile! I got my teeth cleaned!

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