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How Visual Aspects of a Pet Resort Can Ease Your Pet’s Separation Stress

For many of us, leaving our pets while we go to work or on vacation is a stressful experience. Pets are our best friends, our “babies”, and they don’t understand why they have to be separated from us and when we might return. To ease the stress and tension for both pets and owners, it’s imperative to feel secure in knowing that your pet is not only in a safe environment, but made to feel secure and comfortable. Magic Grooming and Pet Resort is a perfect example of what you can look for in a pet resort in order to make your pet’s stay less stressful.

While putting your pet in a new and unfamiliar environment can cause anxiety, there are a number of ways it can be reduced – so much that the next time your pet might even be excited to return.

Research has shown that certain elements added to the environment of a room can reduce stress by providing a form of positive distraction such as scenic views and artwork. By using natural scenes in the room design, such as a wall mural depicting a tranquil forest with a gentle stream running through, has proven to diminish fear and enhance feelings of well-being. Viewing natural scenes has even been shown to lower stress induced levels of high blood pressure and heart rates in humans, and works similarly in our pets.

With research showing that fear and anxiety can negatively affect a pet’s health in the same way it does in humans, and even shorten their lifespan, a less anxious pet means a healthier pet. By developing a positive association with the environment at the pet resort, each subsequent visit will become easier and less stressful for the pet and the owner.

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An atmosphere that helps calm your pet's stress

This is a mural at Magic Grooming and Pet Resort’s dog playing area

I am having such a nice weekend – Magic Grooming and Pet Resort is where I can release my weekly stress. I love this atmosphere!

I love relaxing at the best pet resort in Miami – I feel like a king everytime I come here

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