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Day Care


Your dog or cat can come play in a safe, loving environment at Magic Grooming. We are very well aware of the busy lives of Miami pet owners and that’s why we are here for you, a fun filled alternative that allows your dog to get some real exercise and socialization while you tend to your daily duties. Your dog will love it and we will love your dog! At  our Miami Pet Daycare we separate our dogs into “teams” based on their size, temperament and play-style.With constant supervision, we make sure dogs are comfortable and secure within their group.

Play care is more than daycare; Magic grooming & pet resort provides a supervised, clean, safe environment with interactive games and toys for your pet. All Play care guest are thoroughly screened for social compatibility and current vaccinations to ensure the safety and health of all guests. Just like children, dogs benefit from routine. When they know who’s coming and what to expect, they are more relaxed and less prone to stress.


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