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Day Care Itinerary



7:30 am to 11:30

Our supervisors engage the dogs in structured activities; monitor all play to insure the safety and enjoyment of every dog; and give positive reinforcement, pats and praise for good behavior.

Noon to 2:00pm

Like small children, dogs need to rest during the day, but may be having too much fun to take a nap on their own. The mid-day nap in a cozy carrier gives the dogs the rest they need, and welcome, after a full morning of activity. An overtired dog can easily become a stressed dog; and stress can lead to aggressive behavior. For the safety and enjoyment of all our dogs, nap time is a must!

2:00 pm to 7:00pm

Supervised playtime inside, outside and some dogs can go for a leash-walk out of our facility (special permission is required for this).


Daycare at Magic Grooming & Pet Resort includes whatever individual care your dog needs throughout the day, at no additional charge, including:

• breakfast, lunch and/or dinner (we will store your dog’s food in our kitchen and prepare it according to your instruction at no charge)
• administering medication(s)
• Special napping beds for dogs
• Even a bath for the occasional poop emergency!

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