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(ADOPTED) Sean & Travis – two dog friends looking for a home

(ADOPTED) Sean & Travis – Two Dog Friends Looking For A Home

Sean & Travis – two dog friends looking for a home

These two guys are on their way to me today. I will be fostering them until we find their forever home.

A terrier mix and a jack russell for adoption in miami

Sean is a Terrier mix & Travis is a Jack Russel. This bonded pair has been dealt a bad hand though we think they deserve a second chance so we scooped them up before they were headed to the pound. Since getting to know them, they are inseparable! They are about 6 and 7, but two of the most loving animals. These two are perfect for someone that wants companions that keep each other company while their owner is at work, command trained, house trained and do all the things that amazing domesticated dogs will do. The Jack Russel (Travis) loves to sun himself in between snuggling and playing fetch. Sean is a love bug that likes to watch movies and hang out. They love walks as well! They are truly an amazing duo that sleep together, eat together and are waiting for their next forever home and loving family. If anyone is interested in meeting them, please call 305-970-9419 or email me at Please let me know when you call or e-mail me that you found out about these two great dogs through Magic Grooming & Pet Resort.

You can also contact Magic Grooming & Pet Resort in the contact section.

Here are more pictures of these two great dogs.

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