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The Advantages of a Pet Hotel

The Advantages of a Pet Hotel

If you need to go on a business trip or just want to travel for pleasure, you might be wondering whether you should bring your pet with you or leave him at home. Well, if either of these options make you worry too much, then you might want to try leaving your little one at a pet hotel in Miami instead. Here are various advantages that you can look forward to if you leave your pet at Magic Grooming & Pet Resort, our awesome Pet Hotel serving North bay Village, Miami Beach, Miami Shores, and surrounding cities.

Do you need to leave Miami and need a place for your pet to stay?
Do you need to leave Miami and need a place for your pet to stay?

We accept dogs and cats!

While your neighbor, friend or relative may be able to manage your pet for a while, they could end up with a huge headaches if you are gone for longer and they have never had a pet of their own before. Our pet hotel accepts pets of different sizes, temperaments and play styles; and we know exactly how to care for them, as well. As such, they will be much better off in our hands. We have separated areas for cat care as well as dog care.

at our miami pet hotel we accept gods and cats!

We give pets proper supervision.

When pets are left to fend for themselves, they can become lonely and even mischievous. As such, you could end up with a torn up apartment or house when ll is said in done. At our Miami pet hotel, though, we promise to keep your pets entertained, give them enough play time and ensure that they are supervised round the clock.

Taking care of some awesome dogs while owners are away

We walk them!

With your permission, we take your pets on supervised walks around our facility. We also have an enclosed backyard that allows pets to get some outdoor fun! This means that you won’t have to worry about your pets leaving dirt on places that they shouldn’t be leaving it in.

enjoying cageless pet hotel in miami

We bathe and groom them.

Exercise aside, we also make sure that your pets stay clean while you are away. We provide grooming services for dogs and cats, including nail cutting, brushing and other hygienic necessities.

pet hotel in miami + grooming

We provide nutritious meals.

We will even store your pet’s food in our kitchen and prepare according to your instructions if needed with no extra charge.


So, if you want to make sure that your pets are left in good hands while you are out of Miami, Magic Grooming & Pet Hotel would be the perfect solution for you.


Contact our groomers and pet professionals at our North Bay Village pet hotel!

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  1. Thanks for explaining how helpful it can be to take advantages of a pet boarding service. I am going on a business trip in a few weeks, and I am uncomfortable leaving my cat alone for too long. I would love for her to be able to get the attention and the care that she needs while I am away. I also like the idea of her being able to socialize with other animals.

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