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The Importance of Choosing a Pet Resort that Offers Rooms Instead of Cages

If you feel that your pet is a member of the family, and we hope you do, you want to make sure that he receives a level of physical and emotional comfort that’s as close to what he gets at home as possible when you can’t be with him.

In the past, the only option for boarding your pet included standard kennels where all the animals were caged. Fortunately today, cage-free boarding is an option that allows pet owners a place to board their pets without the stress and anxiety that comes with the guilt of leaving him.

Your pet deserves more than just the basics of food, water and a place to sleep. A spacious room allows him to feel comfortable and enhances his emotional health and well-being. Emotional health is just as important to your pet as his physical and nutritional health.

A pet that is housed in a comfy room is far less likely to feel stressed; an animal that is under stress can experience a host of health problems including allergies, cancer and auto-immune conditions.

The next time you are faced with the decision of where to board your pet, be sure to choose a pet resort such as Magic Grooming and Pet Resort that will take care of every aspect of your precious family member’s needs, including offering a cage-free environment.

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Look at me…. no cage around me. This is the best place for pets to stay in Miami
Look I can lay down and stretch my body because there is no tiny cage around me!
We can move around and play all day because there is no ugly cage around us!

Take a look at our rooms! No cages at Magic Grooming and Pet Resort – that is why some consider us the best pet resort in Miami!

Here at Magic Grooming and Pet Resort we have individual rooms rather than cages.


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