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The Importance of Security Measures at a Pet Resort

Creating a safe, secure and comfortable environment for your pet is crucial to a positive experience for both the pet and the pet’s owner. It’s imperative that your pet is continuously monitored so that if an unlikely illness or other issue arises, the problem can then be resolved as quickly as possible.

Leaving your pet at a caring facility such as Magic Grooming and Pet Resort with security cameras that are constantly monitored, capturing  every area of the facility, can give you the peace of mind knowing that your pet’s safety is the utmost priority.

While cameras are used as an extra measure of security, dogs should never be left together unsupervised. At Magic Grooming and Pet Resort, when playtime comes, there is always a staff member close by to make sure that interactions are friendly. Cat and dog areas are separated to eliminate any worry about feline friends as well.

Another important aspect of safety and security involves the building and its surroundings. It’s imperative that alarm systems are installed in case of fire or intrusions, and that there is no possibility of your pet finding an escape route in an attempt to get back home.

At Magic Grooming and Pet Resort, leaving your pet with the knowledge that he or she will be cared for just as you would at home, allows you to enjoy a stress-free experience on vacation, at work or wherever you need to be.

We have never had any security issues in the past – all pets are safe. We have taken all possible measures to make sure your pet is safe while it stays at the best grooming and pet resort in Miami. Check out our Facebook, Twitter, and Google page to interact with us!


I am trying to hide from the cameras in this place, but WOW they are so good!
Here at Magic Grooming and Pet Resort, the best and most secure pet resort in Miami, we have amazing security features that lets us check on the pets and staff from our home!


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