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The Importance of Toys and Play Areas for your Pet

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy,” – that saying doesn’t just apply to humans, but to their pets as well! For their own health and happiness, pets need exercise and time to socialize. Playtime is a vital part of both a dog and a cat’s life. It helps to ease fear and to develop a positive association with the environment. Here at Magic Grooming and Pet Resort we consider playtime a very important aspect of a pet’s stay.

Dogs love play areas with slides and other climbing objects that challenge them physically while allowing them to have fun – especially when the weather outside doesn’t allow them to get out and run around.

Cats have a natural instinct that makes them want to climb. Wild cats climb trees in order to pounce on their prey from above, and this follows in the domestic cat with a similar inclination. Cats have strong backs and powerful hind legs that make them natural climbers. Climbing upwards is pure enjoyment to a cat and it’s important for their emotional health that they have obstacles that they are allowed to climb on that will satisfy this urge. Cat towers, gyms and similar equipment will give them plenty of places they can scratch, climb, jump and play on to their heart’s delight.

Toys are also extremely important for both dogs and cats. They can prevent boredom that leads to unwanted behaviors while providing comfort and keeping their minds and bodies agile as well.

Animals need stimulating activities for optimal physical and emotional health which ultimately leads to a higher quality and longer life! At Magic Grooming and Pet Resort we provide the pets with toys throughout their stay. Check us out on Facebook and Twitter!


My owners better get me one of these when they pick me up from this fun pet resort in Miami!

I am going to take this toy home when my owners pick me up!

I totally did not destroy this toy…

Cats have fun too at Magic Grooming and Pet Resort! This is a fun place for all!

This place smells like pure fun!

This is hands down the most fun I have had EVER! Thank You Magic Grooming and Pet Resort


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