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Why it’s Usually Best to Leave Your Pet at a Resort Rather than with a Friend

While you might be tempted to save some money and leave your pet with a friend or family member while you’re away, keep in mind that with informal pet-sitting arrangements like these, even the most trusted and well-meaning friends may not be as prepared to take care of your pets many needs.

Friends or family members may feel obligated to do you a favor, but they aren’t professionals, and can easily become distracted when life gets in the way. If close attention isn’t paid to your pet, they might just escape and try to return home – an issue that’s fairly common in both dogs and cats. If your pet needs medication or has other special needs, this can be especially challenging and is yet another issue to be considered.

Caring for an animal can be a lot of work – and if your pet falls ill while under your friend’s care, there won’t be a vet nearby to immediately help. Should the worst happen it could result in the end of a relationship. If your pet should get out and cause damage, or worse, bite a neighbor or a stranger, your friend might even be held liable.

Many pets actually enjoy the social interaction they’ll receive by being boarded at a pet resort. Your pet will be watched closely 24 hours a day – making sure that all of their needs, physically and emotionally, are met. If an emergency arises, you can be assured the he, or she, will be attended to right away.

It’s worth spending a little knowing that your pet is safe and secure and your friends and family members aren’t given a responsibility they may not be ready for.

If you are leaving Miami and are thinking of leaving your pet with a friend for a few days, remember that Magic Grooming and Pet Resort offers professional pet care. Check out our facebook page to get special coupons and see pictures of our resort!


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