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Why Your Pet Should Not Wear a Sweater this winter

I love my natural coating! I just got groomed by the best pet groomers in Miami!

While many pet owners seem to think their dog, or cat, needs a sweater to keep them warm in the winter or just enjoy making a fashion statement with their pet, the reality is, most do not need those cute little sweaters or jackets.

Animals come with their own external layering system, and putting a sweater on a dog with a dense hair coat can cause them to be not only uncomfortable but they could also overheat. Their fur is already designed to protect them from the winter cold.

The only pets that might need a sweater when they go outside in the cold are those that are light bodied with thin, short coats such as Chihuahuas or a Min-Pin.

The other issue with sweaters on pets is that it causes their coat to knot up. They tend to hold the fur close to the skin, and as the dog moves, so does the sweater, causing it to become matted. This will result in a frustrating visit to the groomer, or a shaved dog – not so cute anymore, right? When there are knots on the dog’s fur, the dog suffers when the groomer has to get rid of them – It becomes a difficult task for even the best groomers, specially if the pet is aggressive.

Sweaters can also make your dog smell. Dogs don’t sweat through their skin like people do. They have their own odor and the oils on their body tend to distribute the smell. A sweater on your dog causes the odor to be much more potent – making them not the most pleasant pet to be around.

The next time you think about putting that adorable little sweater on Fido or Tigger, consider his health and well-being. If he isn’t a tiny dog with thin skin a short coat exposed to extreme winter temperatures, forget about it – isn’t he cute enough without it?

Thankfully, here in Miami the weather does not tend to drop below 60 degrees Fahrenheit – this is great news for Miami groomers, pet lovers, and most importantly, Miami pets!

Groomed by the best pet groomers in Miami
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Who needs coats in the winter? We have natural coats!
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