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Your Pet Suffers from Holiday Stress Too: Why You Should Consider a Pet Resort during the Holidays

While the holidays are a fun and festive time, as we all know they can also be a rather stressful time, even for our pets. With the chaos of people coming and going, the loud noises and bright lights as well as the tension they feel coming from their owner who is busy and has less time to play with or walk their pet, it’s enough to  make any pet’s anxiety levels go through the roof. Many of the customers at our pet resort choose to leave their pets at our resort instead of having to put them through stressful times at home.

The routine of the pet has been shattered and their peace of mind disturbed, with few options for which they can escape. Even worse, is the pet that has to go through all of this while enduring being dressed up in a costume just to please all of the many new guests she or he will have to meet.

In addition to the chaotic environment, there are food hazards that come with the holidays as well including more access to things like turkey bones, alcoholic beverages, chocolate (extremely toxic) and even poisonous plants such as mistletoe, holly and Christmas rose.

Pets who are stressed can exhibit negative behaviours such as:

  • Compulsive grooming or licking
  • Potty accidents- including soiling their owner’s belongings
  • Chewing or scratching at doors or on furniture
  • Non-stop barking, meowing or howling

Stress can also negatively affect a pet’s health and ultimately shorten their life span. Along with the increased risk of stress is the greater risk of your pet getting outside with doors, gates and garages frequently opened during the holidays with so many people coming and going. Thanksgiving is around the corner and leaving your pet for a few days at a resort will have your pet giving YOU thanks for saving him the stress. After Fourth of July, the winter holidays are the number one time pets are lost.

If you want to reduce your pet’s stress during this time and eliminate the possibility of your dog or cat disappearing outside, consider taking him, or her, to a pet resort.

A pet resort will provide 24-hour supervision and make sure your pet is happy, comfortable and can play without enduring the many challenges and stress of the holidays!

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