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5 Ways to Make Leaving Your Pet at a Pet Resort Less Stressful

If you’re stressed about leaving your pet at a pet resort, it’s likely your pet will pick up on that anxiety and feel the same way. To reduce the angst and make the experience and overall positive and pleasant one, here are five ways to accomplish this goal.

Visit the pet resort first

It’s important to visit the pet resort before dropping off your dog or cat to feel comfortable with staff members and the facility. Seeing caregivers lovingly take care of other pets and knowing first hand that it is a safe, secure and friendly environment will allow you to experience less anxiety when it comes time to leave your pet.

Yo I love this pet resort in Miami!

Bring your dog for a shorter play period first

If the facility offers doggie day care, consider bringing your pet for some playtime first. Your dog will have a great time playing and it allows them to associate the resort as a positive experience making them look forward to returning.

I love playing here!

Keep your drop off short and sweet

Don’t linger too long when saying good-bye. Making it a huge deal can cause your pet to feel more anxious.

Make sure the pet resort provides interaction while you’re away

In order to ease a pet owner’s stress, the facility should offer some type of interaction between the owner and pet while their separated. This will make drop off time much easier, just knowing you’ll be able to see how your pet is doing. Some resorts, such as Magic Grooming and Pet Resort, will even send owners pictures of their dogs (or cats) to their cell phones!

I love the staff here! They take good care of me!

Bring something from home

Bringing your pet’s favorite toy or even an item of your clothing with your scent on it will help make him feel more comfortable and secure. 


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